Welcome!  My name is Corey Gilbert.  I am a husband, father, professor, counselor, and speaker.  I have the honor of speaking on current topics at churches and leading marriage and dating seminars.  I also enjoy my classroom time teaching undergraduates at Corban University (www.corban.edu) in Salem, Oregon in courses such as Human Sexuality, Trauma Therapy, Counseling Skills, Psychology of Addiction, Abnormal Psychology, etc.  I have also spent the past 17 years in the trenches with clients in my private practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor – what an honor to has been to steward other’s stories and pain in very dark and difficult times.

I am currently developing a place for church leaders, parents, and single adults to come for Resources and Guidance on a Biblical Sexual Ethic.  I will provide services, consulting, counseling, teaching, and trainings on age appropriate approaches to leading your family with excellence in areas of sexuality, technology and teens (and children), and addressing sexual issues tactfully, practically, and proactively.

We must be intentional in addressing tough issues early with our children.  Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, pornography, dating, marriage, sex, family roles and values are critical topics we must not leave to other to teach our children.

May we as the church lead the way in freeing ourselves and our children’s futures from the pain and despair of sexual brokenness.  We need safe people, not safe spaces.  May we create small communities of families that love well, talk openly, hurt in community, and heal as a community. God is working and active.  Join us in this mission.


To provide church leaders, young adults, moms, and dads with practical tools, teaching, resources and guidance on matters of a biblical sexual ethic for their churches, families, and lives.


To help churches, young adults, and parents build strong families and openly address difficult topics biblically.


To help churches, young adults, and parents change their futures by proactively learning about and addressing a biblical sexual ethic.


  • Biblical Sexual Ethic
  • Family
  • Proactive Teaching

Looking forward to ways I can partner with you and your church / family,

Dr G

Coaching Services (online)

Coaching versus Counseling:

As a COACH I come alongside you and help you strategize the next steps.  We check in on a regular time table.  Meetings are short and purposeful.  You have limited time, things to get done, and people relying on you.  This is a great way to make things happen fast.    

Our goal is not to dig in deep like in counseling/therapy.  Our goal is forward movement.  Our goal is quick actionable change.  If Counseling / Therapy are needed, those services can be arranged.    

Individual Coaching (Life Coaching)

You have a change, project, goal, or challenge before you – so you hire a coach to get you there.  The coaches job is to help you life a balanced , fruitful, productive, and vibrant life. Make things happen.  Achieve.  Dream big.  Change the world.  Let’s do this together.   

Family Coaching 

Your family is the hub, a soft spot to land, your place of peace and comfort and joy and laughter and safety.  If this is not you, let’s build this reality together.  Your home was meant to be these things and more.  I can work with you and your leadership as a couple, parenting tactics, and finding family/work/life balance. 

Marriage Coaching

Your marriage is your most important relationship you will ever have.  Do you feel that way?  Make it be so!  Hire a coach to help you grow a marriage greater than you ever dreamed.  Dream big.  Achieve.  Get on the same page.  Laugh and play and live in harmony together. Marriage coaching is about empowering you to help each other achieve each other’s individual dreams while, at the same time, building new one’s together that you may have never thought of before.  

Fill out the Form below so that we can find a date and time that works best for us to have a first consult. 

A one-time (or initial) Strategy Session is available at a discounted rate.  

Or we can just dive in and begin the hard work.  At our first meeting we can set up recurring appointments as needed (I have limited space). 

Payments are made via STRIPE online (a bill is sent after each appointment).

Counseling Services (Salem, Oregon)

You woke up this morning and things were not okay.  You fear you are stuck, might be found out, might lose it all, or might break under the pressure.  You are not alone.  There is more to the story and I would love the honor of working with you to find peace, resolution, health, balance, freedom, and a new you.

I (Dr. Gilbert) provide Counseling Services that just might fit your schedule and budget.

I have a waiting list already but am also available for one time Consults to help you reorient or get a jumpstart on a new direction.

Are any of these people you?  I can help!  

  • I had an affair and want to work it out
  • I cannot seem to break my pornography habit
  • I experience unwanted same-sex attraction
  • I want to find a new life after sexual abuse, rape, or a sexual violation
  • I need help with my sexual relationship with my spouse
  • I am single and want to find a life partner that loves God and is the best fit for me (and I for them)

Are any of these you? Fill out the Form below so that we can find a date and time that works best for us to have a first consult.  I work with individuals, couples, and families.

A one-time (or initial) Strategy Session is available at a discounted rate.  

Or we can just dive in and begin the hard work.  At our first meeting we can set up recurring appointments as needed (I have limited space). 

Payments are made via STRIPE online (a bill is sent after each appointment).

Fees & Forms

Dr. Gilbert offers affordable services with scholarships and a sliding scale base don income available.  

Counseling is face-to-face and coaching will be conducted via an app known as Zoom.

Base Cost $150 per hour (50 minutes)

Initial consult session is 2+ hours for $200

Many times this is all someone needs (the initial consult).

After our initial meeting the agreed upon fee (see paperwork) is billed following each session for the time used.  This fee is agreed upon following the initial consult. 

Sessions tend to be 1.5 – 2+ hours in length each time on average for marriage counseling
Family therapy sessions can be 2 – 4 hours in length 
Coaching Calls can be a half an hour to one hour in length

HealingLives, LLC offers monthly coaching packages that include access to Dr. Gilbert via email and text and regular consults as we move you from point A to point B.  Dr. Gilbert is known for quick action towards goals – in your business life, marriage, and family.  

Contact us for more information about Executive or Family Life Coaching.  

Preview Counseling Forms below (these will be emailed to you and signed electronically if you choose to work with me :):


HL – Professional Disclosure Statement – updated Jan18

HL – Authorization for Services Form Jan18

HL – Adult Intake Form Jan18

HL – Consent for Minors Form HL Jan18

Hire a Coach TODAY!

Are you married and feel stuck?  Are you afraid of where your life has ended up?
Are you scared of taking that next step?  We have a place for you!

Men, women, married, single, young or old… my focus is on sexual brokenness, building a biblical sexual ethic (and living this out), raising healthy children, growing strong marriages, overcoming adultery or betrayal, sex therapy, and building the life you’ve dreamed of!

How can I serve you?

  • Professional Counseling Services
    • Fee for service.
    • Face to face or within Oregon via Thera-link.
    • There are packages available to lower costs as well as scholarships.
  • Coaching Services
    • Face to face or online via Thera-link or Zoom.
    • Monthly plans or single session prices available.
  • Pre-Engagement or Premarital Counseling Services
    •  Includes the PREPARE inventory or the SYMBIS inventory and multiple sessions – including follow up session in your first few years of marriage.
  • Sex Therapy
    • Married? struggling in your sex life?
    •  I can help you in fewer sessions than you think – this is fun, doable, and follows a coaching model.
  • Coaching Groups
    • Online groups with optional direct service coaching packages
      • Pastoral coaching – Case Consultation group
      • Parents on developing & teaching your family a biblical sexual ethic.
  • Marriage Intensives 
    • Book a weekend or multi-day (3 or 4 consecutive days) intensive to get your marriage turned around quickly and/or decidedly know your next step for your marriage.

Check out my Fees and download Forms by click here.

Pre-Engagement / Premarital Counseling

I love to work with couples excited about marriage – as well as those asking hard questions about whether they are ready or not for the next step.  Marriage is an amazing adventure and journey.

Check out these packages for pre-marital / pre-engagement counseling:

We have 3 options:

  • Option 1: Includes the PREPARE Inventory (which saves hours of questions and lets us get to the point with our time)
    • Two 2+ hour sessions before the wedding and
    • Plus one session in the first year
    • The cost is $600       (offering this for half price to Corban Students)
  • Option 2:  Includes the PREPARE Inventory
    • Three 2+ hour sessions before the wedding
    • Plus up to 4 sessions in the first year of marriage
    • The cost is $1000       (offering at half price to Corban Students)
  • Option 3:  Includes the PREPARE Inventory
    • Three to Six sessions before the wedding (we need a minimum of 3)
    • Plus up to 8 sessions in your first 3 years of marriage
    • The cost is $2000       (offering at half price to Corban Students)