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Instead of deciding to do counseling and it taking weeks to get things moving - I aim to see progress in the first week with an active investment in seeing your family, marriage, or business produce results right from the beginning. I do this successfully by beginning with an intensive between 4 and 6 hours long - in your home - that gets things moving. Then we scale it back to once a week or every other week, or month. The goal is quick action and change. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page for more info and to see if I am the right fit for you and your family.

Love, Sex, Dating & Marriage Seminar with Dr. G

Love, Sex, Dating & Marriage Seminar with Dr. G

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Happy Thanksgiving from HealingLives – Dr Gilbert

Happy Thanksgiving from the Gilbert family!  Blessings to you.  So much happening here.  I am so excited about the coming together of my new book and workbook, membership site, online courses, counseling services, and coaching services.   

The book editing is complete.  It is at the typesetting stage (pending a title and securing the book cover – plus a few endorsements). We are SO CLOSE!  I am so excited and truly hope it changes lives.  

Along with this book and workbook I have been working on online resources that will be available soon.  I have classes, trainings, and more coming soon.  

Also available – counseling and coaching services that can meet your needs.  I work with families, parenting issues, couples and marriage related struggles, ministry leaders that are facing burnout or need help with skills to serve more intentionally as a people helper, and specific topics such as affairs, sexual issues, abuse, and trauma.

Need a speaker for a men’s or women’s retreat?  Looking for a workshop on parenting, porn, homeschooling, dating and relationships, marriage, sexuality and/or trauma – check out drcoreygilbert.com  

Bless you and yours on this Thanksgiving Day!  

Preorder my book for free and just pay for shipping at freebook.healinglives.com

Check out my Online Course on “Love, Sex, Dating, & Marriage” – a 7 hour course with worksheets at dating.healinglives.com 

Find out more about my services at HealingLives.com

Truly enjoy this CHRISTmas season with friends and family.

I am here to serve.

Dr Gilbert (& Family, Salem, Oregon)



Community Wins! Find and Be Just That.

I cannot imagine going through the rough spots in my life without key people that were there for me. At times these people were one’s I didn’t realize we close. Times of crisis reveal. These times reveal who our true friends are. These moments of revelation bring to the surface the truth about our lives, how we have lived, and what may be missing. Have you had a time where no one showed up – or you had no one to call? I sure have – and it lit a fire in me for what I was missing. 

My hope and prayer for you is that you find yourself in these inevitable moments and are in awe at the support and friendships that are present. Don’t do marriage without help. Know that parenting was never meant to be a solo sport. Reach out for help as needed. Band together with others and be a support for them in areas you are strong in – and allow them to be support with their strengths. This is a beautiful picture of God’s perfect design in humanity. If we are not careful we see and hear about the dark side of mankind and we pull away and are less likely to build those lifelines that can save us in difficult times.

Sickness – In life, sickness will come. For some it may be life threatening, or nearly so. For some of us it may be a child. We need one another in these difficult times. Reach out for help, Ask! Be that friend for another in a time of sickness.      

Parenting – This is an impossible task. It is all an experiment. Listen to others that have gone before you. Reach out for help. Never do this alone. Find groups to be a part of that help you as a parent, community groups, church groups, support groups, or something like this. Band together with like-minded friends. My personal focus is on raising your children in a Biblical Sexual Ethic. Others have their strengths. Band together. Reach out to others in need and be available to them.         

Conflict in Marriage – This is potentially an impossible crossroads for so many couples. Get help. Know there is hope. Find the beautiful gift of forgiveness – freedom in vulnerability – clarity in healthy relationships. Marriage is meant to be a sacrament. Hold it up as such – sacred. Get help in difficult times in your marriage. Be an example to others as well.       

Loss – Life gets hard. We have losses that impact our lives forever – and we are never the same. Surviving these incredibly difficult times has immeasurable hope when in community.

We live – and we potentially die based off of our community. Don’t go it alone. I love what I do – and am incredibly humbled by families and couples that invite me into their stories to help them navigate rough waters. Build community. Be community. Find community. Be hope! 

Corey Gilbert, PhD, LPC


Parents – Membership – Micro-Conversations

Short and sweet – the concept of “The Talk” is not helpful. In all my years of research and teaching I have found a theme among 20-somethings – that for those that their parents had “the talk” – it was way too late. For some they were teaching their parents about stuff during these “talks.”

So – what I propose are micro-conversations. We begin planting seeds intentionally from birth in the areas we want our children to grow a solid belief system. This goes for all topics, manners, beliefs, and ethics. So – with what I do – may we learn to invest in our children’s sexual ethic.

I have a membership site built for you as a parent that I am launching aimed to give teaching and training for parents on a biblical sexual ethic. In my new membership site you will be empowered to have micro-conversations with your 1 and 2 year old that are age appropriate and prepares them for the micro-conversations you have with them at ages 3-6. These prepare them for those micro-conversations you will intentionally have with them from ages 7-10. As they grow we are meant to prepare them.

What I find in my counseling and research is that the main source of knowledge and learning for most of our Christian children are from porn, the internet, and friends – scary sources. Another big finding is that many 20-something year olds wish their parents had been a safe place to have these hard conversations.

Prepare. Lead. Be Confident. Know your own personal theology. Pass that along intentionally and strategically to your children so that they can make wise informed decisions and live from a solid ETHOS – a biblical sexual ethic.      

Check out more information at http://membership.healinglives.com

Counseling and coaching options available at http://www.HealingLives.com  

Your Children’s Beliefs are Established Earlier than You Think!

Parents of babies through age 10. THIS IS FOR YOU! Parents of children ages 11+ be aware. You are building into your children each and every day a worldview, an ETHOS about the world, those different than you, grace, war, politics, church, and sexuality. Have you thought through what guidelines you want for your children in their teenage years relating to dating, sex, birth control, and even friendships? Let me tell you a secret – those conversations are TOO LATE if you begin “going there” when they are ages 11+. You have already left your imprint, whether it was intentional or not. SO – the prescription – go there early. Teach them well, intentionally, and hopefully from a strong, healthy sexual ethic that you have decided upon and are eager to teach them and lead them towards as they make it theirs.

If you want help developing your ETHOS surrounding sexuality, gender, dating, marriage, and relationships – check out my new book coming out soon, the workbook, discounted coaching options, and even a very low cost membership site where we ill have discussions on hard topics and help teach you and lead you to have those hard conversations and lead your family with confidence. Your ETHOS matters. Their ETHOS is established earlier than you think. GO THERE!!!!  Lead from the front. I would be honored to help you succeed. Check out my free book at http://freebook.healinglives.com    

Honored to serve, 

Corey Gilbert, PhD, LPC

Founder and Owner, HealingLives, LLC