Welcome!  My name is Corey Gilbert.  I am a husband, father, professor, counselor, and speaker.  I have the honor of speaking on current topics at churches and leading marriage and dating seminars.  I also enjoy my classroom time teaching undergraduates at Corban University (www.corban.edu) in Salem, Oregon in courses such as Human Sexuality, Trauma Therapy, Counseling Skills, Psychology of Addiction, Abnormal Psychology, etc.  I have also spent the past 17 years in the trenches with clients in my private practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor – what an honor to has been to steward other’s stories and pain in very dark and difficult times.

I am currently developing a place for church leaders, parents, and single adults to come for Resources and Guidance on a Biblical Sexual Ethic.  I will provide services, consulting, counseling, teaching, and trainings on age appropriate approaches to leading your family with excellence in areas of sexuality, technology and teens (and children), and addressing sexual issues tactfully, practically, and proactively.

We must be intentional in addressing tough issues early with our children.  Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, pornography, dating, marriage, sex, family roles and values are critical topics we must not leave to other to teach our children.

May we as the church lead the way in freeing ourselves and our children’s futures from the pain and despair of sexual brokenness.  We need safe people, not safe spaces.  May we create small communities of families that love well, talk openly, hurt in community, and heal as a community. God is working and active.  Join us in this mission.


To provide church leaders, young adults, moms, and dads with practical tools, teaching, resources and guidance on matters of a biblical sexual ethic for their churches, families, and lives.


To help churches, young adults, and parents build strong families and openly address difficult topics biblically.


To help churches, young adults, and parents change their futures by proactively learning about and addressing a biblical sexual ethic.


  • Biblical Sexual Ethic
  • Family
  • Proactive Teaching

Looking forward to ways I can partner with you and your church / family,

Dr G

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