“Are you there for me?” Emotion Focused Therapy Insights

Today I presented the backbones of Emotion Focused Therapy to my Family Systems class at Corban University.  I was struck by a few things.  The key question is “Are you there for me?”
What a powerful question.  We each ask this question a lot – whether out loud or deep inside our souls.  A few additional questions come to mind – Are you safe?  Is my sharing of myself (thoughts, dreams, ideas, struggles, feelings, etc) going to be heard and received and managed with care – or criticized or even condemned?

I hope and pray for each of my students – that they will find that spark in them – yes it can even be known as a calling – to go change the world in powerful and even innovative way.  A key to this success will be – and really MUST be – community – finding those safe people to confide in, do life with, and consult with.  

I am in awe of so many of my former students and how they are doing just that.  They have found their role or job or position or mission that has meaning, adds value to others, and makes a difference.  Some are on the mission field.  Some are stay-at-home moms investing in the next generation.  Many are pastors and leaders in their field.  Others have found jobs that provide and they purposefully invest in and make an impact in the lives of those in their community.  This is beautiful.  This is success.  I am so proud.  

So – what to do?  Dream big.  Be bold.  Take risks.  Change the world for Jesus Christ.  “Are you there for me?”  Jesus is!  And He intentionally brings those into our lives – your life and my life – to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Look for these people.  Be that person!  Invest purposefully.     

Dr. G

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