Be Aware of What you are Giving Your Children for Christmas!

It is almost Christmas.  Families are excited.  A fast, but different pace ensues.  Children are crazy excited. I have a word of caution for us parents.  I have seen too much as a therapist and parent and with friends families.  One of the top gifts given this season to younger and younger children are electronic devices like iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches and the like.  Be Aware!  I personally call these “Porn Portals.”  Not to be funny – rather to enlighten and slightly alarm.  They are two to three clicks away from that stuff at any given moment – and we cannot watch them at all times.  FYI:

  • Most children have seen pornography – let’s not make it easier for them.
  • Most children and teens today spend hours on YouTube – and this is not an innocent space.
  • Snapchat and Instagram are not harmless and contain questionable material they can easily find.
  • Cyberbullying is getting worse with this instant access – leading to suicides.
  • Did you know that Universities are checking applicants social media accounts before admission – what are they posting?

This reminder is meant to alarm – not for us to overreact – rather for us to set limits, remain the parents, and teach our children and teenagers responsibility.

Our children will almost certainly want these devices.  We choose when – use wisdom.

They will almost never come to YOU with questions – so it is OUR responsibility to engage them in difficult and even uncomfortable short (very short) conversations.  We must initiate these.  DO NOT expect them to (if they do you are blessed!  Most do not).

Have a Merry Christmas.  Lead your families with Confidence.

Dr. Gilbert

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