Your Heart on Thanksgiving

How do you respond to things that don’t work, don’t go your way, or fall apart in your life?  Are you thankful even in the storm?  I tend to not be.  I am in process.  You are in process.  May we find common ground with a heart grounded in gratitude.  In the pain… are you grateful?  In the darkness… are you grateful?  When you are lost… are you grateful?  God is at work in these places.  He has a plan.  Living with a heart of gratitude changes you – and changes those around you.  May you find this space in your life.  May you find this in your marriage, relationships, parenting, friendships, family, and life.  May you live thankful.  Thankful in the battle with your child or teen.  Thankful in the hard times with your spouse and/or coworkers.  You are in process.  They are in process.  God is at work.  Be willing to rest in that.  Steven Curtis Chapman sings a song that is so powerful that reminds me of what I need – “Be still and know that He is God.”  Amen!

Psalms 46:10 (NLT) says, “Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.”

Rest in Him.  Live in a space of Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving from HealingLives, LLC – Dr. Corey Gilbert.

Awareness – Sexting & Your Teen!

I know that none of us want to think about the findings in this study.  We want to deny their existence.  Not in my home.  Not my teen.  If our teenager owns a smart phone, has access to a tablet or device (including an iPod touch) or are online at all – we must be aware.

The New Threat – Sexting.  Victimization is happening.  Honest and careful conversations are imperative.  Not blaming or shaming – rather dialogue filled with hope and care and empathy and understanding.

A reality – adolescents who are “cognitively very mature but who are making very bad decisions… psychosocial maturity hasn’t really started to pick up yet.”

Read this article here:

Dr. Gilbert

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Are you Interested in a free Course on Dating, Relationships, & Marriage?

I am working on a few projects (more details coming soon).  I wanted to find out if you might be someone interested in a FREE online intro course on

Dating, Relationships, & Marriage.

My goal is to help you and others build a SOLID Biblical Sexual Ethic as you make wise decisions, informed decisions – and help teach and lead others in doing so – those you serve, or even your own family.

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Life-Changing Decisions – is Counseling for me?

You are stuck.  You feel afraid.  You are unsure.  You need motivation.  You need help with specific questions you have in life.

Your marriage is stuck.  You are afraid for your son or daughter’s future.  You find yourself unmotivated to do what you know you need to do.  I can help!

My model of working with clients has been shaped over the past 17 years of counseling and working with couples and families and single adults facing life crisis, as well as working as a University Professor.

My goal is to be brief, and empower you in your life.  We start off with more hours up front and more frequent.  My goal is to get us down to 1 or 2 – 30 minute coaching sessions a month as check-in’s.  I want to see our time together be short and to the point.  Your success in life, love, family, work, and even growing yourself is critical to your future.  Get unstuck.  Reduce your fears.  Become confident.  Increase your motivation.  Get answers to hard questions.     

You will find the financial side of this is stacked up front and is quickly relieved – as opposed to months and even years of weekly 50 minute sessions.

Check out for more information.

Groups on specific topics are coming soon.

Online courses are in the works.

I am excited about what’s to come from HealingLives, LLC.


COACHing versus Counseling

Check out this great article on Life Coaching – What it is and how it can help.

Who is a Life Coach.  Misconceptions.  
How working with a Life Coach can benefit you.  
What a Life Coach does and how it works.

Check out Tony Robbins’ Article here.

Life Coaching

  • Mature as a leader
  • Pursue your purpose
  • Achieve health and fitness goals
  • Grow your marriage
  • Deepen your family relationships 

Check out this infograph on Life Coaching versus Therapy


The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree 

Tonight I went out with my eldest son Alex (age 11) for dinner, to go over a study together, and then a movie. We ended up eating at Chipotle since other places had long lines (we both didn’t like waiting). We enjoyed going over our study questions over our meal. We then headed to the movie theater and when Alex heard it was 97% full he said he wanted to go another time when it was less crowded (just like me, LOL).  So we spent the rest of the evening at REI, Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods. I enjoy shopping (Kelly does not). Alex and I had a great evening. We were bonding, laughing, had a great time together, and with no screens. WE LOVED IT. Kelly and I do the same thing when we go out – we intend to go to dinner and a movie and we rarely if ever make it to the movie since we really rather spend time talking.

  • What are some of your quirks and hang-ups that you are transmitting (modeling) to your kids?
  • Are these seen as humorous and a good thing – or do they need some rethinking?

Enjoy your time with your sons and daughters as often as you possibly can – our time with them is precious.

Corey Gilbert

HealingLives, LLC

Please Distribute this Survey for Parents from Dr. Gilbert

Hi there mom or dad.  I want to ask you for some feedback.  Answer any of the following questions if you are willing so that I may better serve those like you that are in that stage of life of raising children/preteens/teens.  Thank you in advance for your input and vulnerability.  I am honored. Follow me at – more resources will be available soon.

Click here for Survey:

Thanks for your responses.  I am looking forward to working with your answers and addressing these topics very soon.


Dr. Gilbert

Heart of Man MOVIE Event (Tuesday Oct 17th, 2017)

Come out and see the “The Heart of Man” Movie Documentary.

“Our Brokenness is a Bridge, Not a Barrier”

Come early and hear interviews prior to the movie.  Stay after and hear an amazing discussion about the movie, it’s heart and it’s impact!

Watch the Trailer and Read more here

Buy Tickets here (or just show up)

YouTube – Official Trailer

Join me and my sons at SANTIAM 11
365 Lancaster Drive SE Salem OR 97317

Starts at 7pm – come early though!

Dr G

The Decline of Play & Increase in Mental Health Concerns

We ought not be surprised.  But, we MUST do something about it though.  Our children need us to be stronger than technology and media and the culture and lead them well.  What does this look like?

  • Get them playing.
  • Let then handle the disagreements without our immediate intervention.
  • Get them outside.
  • Decrease media usage and teach them the “why.”
  • Model play for them (we might need to loosen up).
  • Create space in and outside of our home for play.
  • Empower children at all ages to set goals and achieve wins (and experience losses).

Encourage children to be WHOLE people – physical health, spiritual depth, emotional stability, a strong work ethic, and community.

Dr. G

Parenting Resources!

Parenting Resources

(updated October 2017)

I hope these add value to you and your family.  I trust these resources wholeheartedly.  If you have suggestions email them to me so I can check them out.  I am continually looking for excellent resources that help us serve our families with excellence.  Let me know if I can serve your family in any way.

Dr. Gilbert

Family Life – Passport to Purity  & on Amazon Passport to Purity 

  • This is a must for every parent and child – Ages 10+.  It is an amazing time of bonding.  It takes some preparation, but is all planned out for you.  Go prepared.  Enjoy the growth in you relationship with your son or daughter from this getaway.


Jim Burns

  • Ages 3-5 – God Made Your Body
  • Ages 6-9 – How God Makes Babies
  • Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality
  • The Purity Code: God’s Plan for Sex and Your Body

Kevin Leman

  • A Chicken’s Guide to Talking Turkey About Sex

Stan & Brenna Jones – Christian Sex Ed

  • Ages 3-5 (Book 1) The Story of Me
  • Ages 5-8 (Book 2) Before I Was Born
  • Ages 8-11 (Book 3) What’s the Big Deal?: Why God Care About Sex
  • Ages 13-14 (Book 4) Facing the Facts: The Truth About Sex & You