Heart of Man MOVIE Event (Tuesday Oct 17th, 2017)

Come out and see the “The Heart of Man” Movie Documentary.

“Our Brokenness is a Bridge, Not a Barrier”

Come early and hear interviews prior to the movie.  Stay after and hear an amazing discussion about the movie, it’s heart and it’s impact!


Watch the Trailer and Read more here

Buy Tickets here (or just show up)

YouTube – Official Trailer

Join me and my sons at SANTIAM 11
365 Lancaster Drive SE Salem OR 97317

Starts at 7pm – come early though!

Dr G

The Decline of Play & Increase in Mental Health Concerns


We ought not be surprised.  But, we MUST do something about it though.  Our children need us to be stronger than technology and media and the culture and lead them well.  What does this look like?

  • Get them playing.
  • Let then handle the disagreements without our immediate intervention.
  • Get them outside.
  • Decrease media usage and teach them the “why.”
  • Model play for them (we might need to loosen up).
  • Create space in and outside of our home for play.
  • Empower children at all ages to set goals and achieve wins (and experience losses).

Encourage children to be WHOLE people – physical health, spiritual depth, emotional stability, a strong work ethic, and community.

Dr. G

Please Distribute this Survey for Parents from Dr. Gilbert

Hi there mom or dad.  I want to ask you for some feedback.  Answer any of the following questions if you are willing so that I may better serve those like you that are in that stage of life of raising children/preteens/teens.  Thank you in advance for your input and vulnerability.  I am honored. Follow me at HealingLives.com – more resources will be available soon.

Click here for Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5KQPXBS

Thanks for your responses.  I am looking forward to working with your answers and addressing these topics very soon.


Dr. Gilbert

The Future with After-Birth Abortion as Normal


And it continues.  Where does this lead us?  It leads us to a reality where a child can be killed if it is not the desired gender, if it does not fit into plans, or if something is deemed wrong.  What is next?  Check out these points in this article:


  1. Morality is Arbitrary
  2. Personhood
  3. Burden Outweighs Value
  4. Value of Life
  5. Defects = Termination

Dr. Gilbert