Questions for Parents, Help me out – so I can help you!

Hi there mom or dad.  I want to ask you for some feedback.  Answer any of the following questions if you are willing so that I may better serve those like you that are in that stage of life of raising children/preteens/teens.  Thank you in advance for your input and vulnerability.  I am honored. Email me your responses or respond on my blog page @   (email:

  1. What is the hardest part of raising boys or girls when dealing with the topic of sex?
  2. What is your biggest fear about addressing anything around the topic of sex with your children/preteens/teens?
  3. What tools or needs do you have to feel better prepared to address the topic of sex and sexuality with your children?
  4. At what age do you feel you should start these conversations?
  5. Who is more comfortable talking about sex and babies and body changes with your children – husband or wife?  Who should be doing it?
  6. When and how do you address the topic of pornography with your sons?  and daughters?
  7. What are your limits and what are your struggles with devices (phones, tablets)?
  8. What permissions and/or limitations do you make or feel like you should make for social media with your preteens/teens?
  9. What other questions do you have that you might want to ask a counselor (that’s me)?
  10. How can I serve you as you serve your family well?

Thanks for your emails and responses.  I am looking forward to working with your answers and addressing these topics very soon.


Dr. Gilbert

Speaking at the AACC World Conference Sept 2017

What an amazing honor it was to speak in a break out session at the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) World Conference in Nashville, TN yesterday (September 30th, 2017).  There were over 7000 counselors and pastors in attendance.  I have wanted to do this for years but it is amazing the power of FEAR.

I showed up very early and setup (yesterday Sept 30th) to speak.  What followed was an incredible experience – it was energizing, exciting, and I absolutely loved the opportunity.

Numerous things happened that blew my mind:

  • As the time neared an old friend from my Seminary days showed up – what an honor to get reacquainted.
  • A counselor and leader Dr Corey Allan from Sexy Marriage Radio and Simple Marriage attended – we had met a few days prior via a conversation with Shannon Etheridge I had about my research and upcoming presentation.
  • My boss and Corban University‘s provost Mike Patterson attended – what an honor that was to see him in attendance.
  • A very dear professor from my Seminary days in the 90’s attended, Dr Scott Floyd – now serving at B.H. Carroll Institute in Texas.
  • An amazing surprise was Dr Doug Rosenau’s attendance.  He has been a mentor via the Institute of Sexual Wholeness for 15 years.  He even stood up at the end and spoke – what an honor.
  • My best attendee’s were my former students Mariana Scutaru and Inna Cubara (and sister) from my days as a professor in Georgia.  I am so proud of them and all God is doing in their lives since they graduated.
  • We also had a packed house – the room sat 160+ and it was full.

I began quite nervous (my former students said they could tell when I loosened up and relaxed). What an honor to serve – share parts of my story, and discuss sex and the millennial and what we need to do – what we must do.  I also had the privilege of presenting the research from two former students Dani Horne, and Nathaniel Cheney.

Feel free to go to my previous post and download my PowerPoint in PDF format.  Let me know of you have any questions.

Corey Gilbert, PhD, LPC
Eph 3:20 “…exceedingly abundantly…”


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