Coaching versus Counseling:

As a COACH I come alongside you and help you strategize the next steps.  We check in on a regular time table.  Meetings are short and purposeful.  You have limited time, things to get done, and people relying on you.  This is a great way to make things happen fast.    

Our goal is not to dig in deep like in counseling/therapy.  Our goal is forward movement.  Our goal is quick actionable change.  If Counseling / Therapy are needed, those services can be arranged.    

Individual Coaching (Life Coaching)

You have a change, project, goal, or challenge before you – so you hire a coach to get you there.  The coaches job is to help you life a balanced , fruitful, productive, and vibrant life. Make things happen.  Achieve.  Dream big.  Change the world.  Let’s do this together.   

Family Coaching 

Your family is the hub, a soft spot to land, your place of peace and comfort and joy and laughter and safety.  If this is not you, let’s build this reality together.  Your home was meant to be these things and more.  I can work with you and your leadership as a couple, parenting tactics, and finding family/work/life balance. 

Marriage Coaching

Your marriage is your most important relationship you will ever have.  Do you feel that way?  Make it be so!  Hire a coach to help you grow a marriage greater than you ever dreamed.  Dream big.  Achieve.  Get on the same page.  Laugh and play and live in harmony together. Marriage coaching is about empowering you to help each other achieve each other’s individual dreams while, at the same time, building new one’s together that you may have never thought of before.  

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A one-time (or initial) Strategy Session is available at a discounted rate.  

Or we can just dive in and begin the hard work.  At our first meeting we can set up recurring appointments as needed (I have limited space). 

Payments are made via STRIPE online (a bill is sent after each appointment).