You woke up this morning and things were not okay.  You fear you are stuck, might be found out, might lose it all, or might break under the pressure.  You are not alone.  There is more to the story and I would love the honor of working with you to find peace, resolution, health, balance, freedom, and a new you.

I (Dr. Gilbert) provide Counseling Services that just might fit your schedule and budget.

I have a waiting list already but am also available for one time Consults to help you reorient or get a jumpstart on a new direction.

Are any of these people you?  I can help!  

  • I had an affair and want to work it out
  • I cannot seem to break my pornography habit
  • I experience unwanted same-sex attraction
  • I want to find a new life after sexual abuse, rape, or a sexual violation
  • I need help with my sexual relationship with my spouse
  • I am single and want to find a life partner that loves God and is the best fit for me (and I for them)

Are any of these you? Fill out the Form below so that we can find a date and time that works best for us to have a first consult.  I work with individuals, couples, and families.

A one-time (or initial) Strategy Session is available at a discounted rate.  

Or we can just dive in and begin the hard work.  At our first meeting we can set up recurring appointments as needed (I have limited space). 

Payments are made via STRIPE online (a bill is sent after each appointment).