Homeschooling and S-e-x Ed

A few weekends ago I had the amazing honor to speak at the OCEAN Network Homeschool Conference held in Albany, Oregon.  I did 3 breakout sessions that were jammed packed.  The topic? I had three.  

The first was “Sex, Porn, and Your Kids: Age Appropriate Conversations.”  

The second covered tech – “Leading Your Family in a Teched-Out World.”  

And the final topic was “Developing and Teaching Your Family a Biblical Sexual Ethic.”

Wow what a weekend. What a turn out.  And what a need.  I had so many amazing – and also heartbreaking conversations.  The need for healthy discussion and help in these areas is obvious. Know that you were never meant to navigate this alone. I want to come alongside you and help you prepare your family for what’s to come. So a few tips:

  • Be proactive – lead the conversations – I would say it is all about the micro-conversations that build as they grow. Make these often and short. 
  • Learn an biblical human sexuality, theory of marriage, dating, etc. Know what you believe. 
  • Do not avoid tech and see it as evil – It is not. Teach healthy usage and that these are tools – tools to be managed and used appropriately. Remember that this is about their hearts and their own inner compass of right and wrong. You want to captivate their hearts for any kind of transformation.
  • Remember that it is OUR responsibility as parents to be early (not late) to the conversations about pornography and and an ethic on dating, and ther hard and hot topics our children are facing today. Be ahead of the curve – not late.
  • If you don’t teach them, someone else WILL (and probably already has). Train them to be discerning regarding good and appropriate versus bad and grooming touch.
  • Invest in yourself as the parent so that you KNOW your ETHOS and can lead with confidence.
  • Do not do this alone. Find a community for support – face-to-face or virtual, either way – grab on to a community and be teachable. Be sure that what you are teaching is also biblical.

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It is an honor to serve,

Dr. G

Corey Gilbert, PhD, LPC

Owner and Founder of HealingLives, LLC 

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