Parenting Resources!

Parenting Resources

(updated October 2017)

I hope these add value to you and your family.  I trust these resources wholeheartedly.  If you have suggestions email them to me so I can check them out.  I am continually looking for excellent resources that help us serve our families with excellence.  Let me know if I can serve your family in any way.

Dr. Gilbert

Family Life – Passport to Purity  & on Amazon Passport to Purity 

  • This is a must for every parent and child – Ages 10+.  It is an amazing time of bonding.  It takes some preparation, but is all planned out for you.  Go prepared.  Enjoy the growth in you relationship with your son or daughter from this getaway.


Jim Burns

  • Ages 3-5 – God Made Your Body
  • Ages 6-9 – How God Makes Babies
  • Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality
  • The Purity Code: God’s Plan for Sex and Your Body

Kevin Leman

  • A Chicken’s Guide to Talking Turkey About Sex

Stan & Brenna Jones – Christian Sex Ed

  • Ages 3-5 (Book 1) The Story of Me
  • Ages 5-8 (Book 2) Before I Was Born
  • Ages 8-11 (Book 3) What’s the Big Deal?: Why God Care About Sex
  • Ages 13-14 (Book 4) Facing the Facts: The Truth About Sex & You



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