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Short and sweet – the concept of “The Talk” is not helpful. In all my years of research and teaching I have found a theme among 20-somethings – that for those that their parents had “the talk” – it was way too late. For some they were teaching their parents about stuff during these “talks.”

So – what I propose are micro-conversations. We begin planting seeds intentionally from birth in the areas we want our children to grow a solid belief system. This goes for all topics, manners, beliefs, and ethics. So – with what I do – may we learn to invest in our children’s sexual ethic.

I have a membership site built for you as a parent that I am launching aimed to give teaching and training for parents on a biblical sexual ethic. In my new membership site you will be empowered to have micro-conversations with your 1 and 2 year old that are age appropriate and prepares them for the micro-conversations you have with them at ages 3-6. These prepare them for those micro-conversations you will intentionally have with them from ages 7-10. As they grow we are meant to prepare them.

What I find in my counseling and research is that the main source of knowledge and learning for most of our Christian children are from porn, the internet, and friends – scary sources. Another big finding is that many 20-something year olds wish their parents had been a safe place to have these hard conversations.

Prepare. Lead. Be Confident. Know your own personal theology. Pass that along intentionally and strategically to your children so that they can make wise informed decisions and live from a solid ETHOS – a biblical sexual ethic.      

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