Presentation coming September 30th in Nashville, TN

AACC 2017 Break Every Chain World Conference 

I have the honor of copresenting (Hannah Parmalee will not be able to attend so it will just be me) –  September 30th, 2017 in Nashville.

Family Health, Parenting, and Millennials

610 Sex and the Millennial: Transformative Conversations that Integrate Research and Theology
    Corey Gilbert Corey Gilbert , Ph.D.
Millennials want and need to talk about sex. How they think about sex impacts them spiritually, behaviorally, relationally, emotionally, and neurologically. The decisions they make during the critical young adult years (ages 18-28) impact them for decades. Many of these decisions arise out of their family context and teaching about sexuality. Current neurological and psycho/social research brings increased understanding and clarity to the sexual behavior of millennials. Teaching millennials the research, alongside a sound theological and biblical perspective, has led to life-changing choices and spiritual growth for hundreds of young adults. Young adults have found healing, encouragement, and renewed relationship with God through this teaching style and content on sex. This workshop will share the research we conducted at three, private Christian colleges on young adult relational and spiritual development, as well as sexual experiences, habits, and education; equip participants to engage meaningfully with young adults, parents, and families around the topic of sex; and teach research relevant to this topic. This workshop will be relevant for pastoral and professional counselors, coaches, church leaders, and others working in the field of young adult and family mental health. Let’s be a wise voice in this conversation; not silent. This workshop will prepare you for these critical conversations.
Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Describe the foundational principles our Christian millennials are facing regarding sexuality, their choices, and the consequences of these choices
  2. Compile strategies to better help Christian families, parents, and millennials change the tide regarding sex, marriage, parenting, and the value of family with upcoming generations
  3. Identify practical skills for connecting with young adults and parents when providing relational and spiritual guidance 

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