The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree 

Tonight I went out with my eldest son Alex (age 11) for dinner, to go over a study together, and then a movie. We ended up eating at Chipotle since other places had long lines (we both didn’t like waiting). We enjoyed going over our study questions over our meal. We then headed to the movie theater and when Alex heard it was 97% full he said he wanted to go another time when it was less crowded (just like me, LOL).  So we spent the rest of the evening at REI, Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods. I enjoy shopping (Kelly does not). Alex and I had a great evening. We were bonding, laughing, had a great time together, and with no screens. WE LOVED IT. Kelly and I do the same thing when we go out – we intend to go to dinner and a movie and we rarely if ever make it to the movie since we really rather spend time talking.

  • What are some of your quirks and hang-ups that you are transmitting (modeling) to your kids?
  • Are these seen as humorous and a good thing – or do they need some rethinking?

Enjoy your time with your sons and daughters as often as you possibly can – our time with them is precious.

Corey Gilbert

HealingLives, LLC

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