Parents – Your Children Need your Preemptive Guidance

Parents.  You may have heard of a movie in theaters title “Show Dogs” (2018).  This is about that and not about that.  My worry and concern is that many movies like this have subtle hints and lessons that – if not caught – teach our children things that can put them in harms way.  So this is a reminder to us parents to be vigilant.

Movies like “Deadpool 1 & 2” are reaching for our children and have trailers that draw them in – VERY successfully – and we must be the bad guys and say “NO!”  Movies like the first one mentioned are PG and easily fly under the radar and thus we have on conversations with our children about what they contain.

I am not advocating boycotting everything or banning anything. I do not see this as effective and early see it work at all.  It is about the short conversations about pieces of movies and shows and conversations our children hear that will empower them to stand up for themselves and NOT become a victim.  May we lead with confidence. May we prepare our children to spot things that are not just way off, but that are even subtly off.  May we teach them an ETHOS that they can become invested and grounded in – and is theirs.  Their ETHOS matters.  And this begins with ours as parents.

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